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Race With

 Love and Confidence;

Volume 1 


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April -


Amazon Book Release 

Soft Email Launch

Facebook Online 

Video Event


February  2021

Audio Performance on Clubhouse Feb 13th 6pm EST 

With  OG Club


 Reading with Carrie 

March 2021

Filming "How do I Shine!?"  



How do I shine!? Film Screening Premiere 

May 8th 2021 Saturday 1pm online Premiere click the link below to RSVP

A colorful display of each poem from the book; line by line. 

Race with love and confidence. Volume- 1

July 2020 

Is a body of poems that reflect body positivity, finding love and sexuality; while being a woman who is black, and mixed in America. The poems demonstrate metaphorically how it feels to be alone, and hurt from people in love. How fantastic a curvy girl builds confidence from watching the likes of her grandmother. And the complexity for being black. The collective body of poems exemplifies triumph and take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings.

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